Yossi Appleboum
CEO, Sepio Systems Inc.

As CEO of Sepio Systems, Inc., Yossi is responsible for North American operations at Sepio. He brings 25 years’ experience in security, networking, and computer science and control systems, along with a wide-angle perspective to cyber security threats and unique security solutions. 

In the early 1990s, Yossi joined the technology unit of the Israeli Army Intelligence Corps (Unit 8200). As team leader and chief architect, he focused on design and development of critical infrastructure network monitoring and security systems.

In 1998, Yossi co-founded WebSilicon, a company dedicated to delivering advanced networking and security systems. As VP of research and development, Yossi was involved in the design and implementation of numerous systems for government agencies, integrators and vendors worldwide. In 2007, Yossi became the company’s CTO, responsible for North American business activities. In this role, he worked with key customers to develop next-generation network monitoring and security systems. 

In 2013, WebSilicon was acquired by Magal (NASDAQ: MAGS), one of the world’s largest physical security integration companies. After the acquisition, Yossi led the integration of the company into Magal and was instrumental in rebranding WebSilicon as CyberSeal. Yossi served as CTO for cyber security of Senstar, the North American division of Magal, and relocated to the United States to work closely with key customers and partners. As CTO, Yossi was involved in all phases of development of the Tungsten Cyber Security Appliance and the Rubidium Central Monitoring Systems. These solutions converge physical and logical security and introduced a higher echelon of cyber security to the market.