Sepio Systems Develops New Solution to Protect Critical Infrastructure Supply Chains

Bethesda, MD June 3, 2016—Sepio Systems has developed a patent-pending cyber security device—to protect critical infrastructure supply chains. Sepio Systems brings a new approach to protect against supply chain attacks without affecting any legitimate operations or degrading performance.

Sepio Systems, established in May 2016, was founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs who worked together for more than 25 years—beginning in the early 90’s in the technological division of the Israeli Army Intelligence (Unit 8200). They have since been involved—directly and indirectly—in the foundation of several startup companies, some acquired by market leaders. Another founding member with more than 30 years sales leadership in the United States, has joined the team to build Sepio Systems.

"Sepio is focused on an overlooked cyber threat—a major threat and common attack vector against critical infrastructure in the United States,” states Yossi Appleboum, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sepio Systems. “We are happy to have Pico Venture Partners and Founder Group as investors. We are building an exciting company with a group of industry-leading cyber experts to deliver innovative solutions and products to the market."

Sales, marketing and customer support teams are located at the US headquarters, just outside of Washington, DC.

Research and Development, Engineering and Operations are located in Tel Aviv, Israel, in the heart of the Israeli Cyber Security industry.

About Sepio Systems

Sepio Systems has developed a new approach to protect critical infrastructure supply chains. The Sepio USB Security solution is based on a uni-directional device that stops potential data leakage (DLP) and hardware misuse. Sepio’s solution is fully integrated with current endpoint security platforms and SIEM systems. Sepio Systems was co-founded in May 2016 by industry leading cyber security experts Yossi Appleboum, Iftah Bratspiess and Bentsi Ben-Atar.

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