Welcome to Sepio

Welcome to our first post on Sepio’s new website. 
Today, we celebrate our media presence and the end of stealth mode.

About Us

We are a group of serial entrepreneurs who have worked together for more than 25 years—beginning in the early 90’s in the technological division of the Israeli Army Intelligence (Unit 8200). We’ve since been involved directly and indirectly in the foundation of several startup companies. Some have been acquired by market leaders.

We’ve added a new team member with 30 years of sales leadership experience to create Sepio Systems. With strong support from our investors, we are prepared for the challenge.

We are excited to introduce our company—and our different approach.

What is SEPIO?

The Latin word “Sepio” means Protect and Seal.  It is the reason we’ve founded the company.

Sepio Systems’ mission is to protect critical infrastructure against threats on their supply chains.  Malicious groups poison the chain between vendors and end customers with infected components, modules and systems.

Why Focus on Supply Chains?

Because supply chains are not protected. Because we don’t have adequate visibility. Because by providing stronger and more resilient security to threats via internet connections, emails, and files, we are pushing criminals and our enemies to attack supply chains.

(and…because we thought it would be nice to start something new…)

Our Challenges

Since 2000, supply chain attack technology has moved from top classified government agencies to common hackers. While cost and time dramatically decreased, the spread of such attacks became a major threat to critical infrastructure and enterprises.

These criminals now have strategic weapons at almost no cost–we need to mitigate without changing the way we run our businesses, our infrastructure and our supply chains.


We chose these words as our (catchy) slogan for distinct reasons.  

Since attacks on supply chains started more than 40 years ago, security managers developed a common approach to “certify” vendors and suppliers and “clean” deliverables before installation. This is the approach adopted by governments and top-classified agencies around the world.

It’s not working!

Smart attackers easily penetrate supply chains and deliver infected equipment to end users. Our different approach is simple—attacks are in place; security has been compromised. Let’s isolate the attack and eliminate the poison.

We invite our friends to share our blogs and to send comments, ideas and materials for future blogs. For more information, visit www.sepio.systems, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Enjoy and good luck to all,

Yossi Appleboum and the Sepio Team