Sepio Systems to Present its Innovative Security Solution at the Annual Maryland/Israel Showcase on Dec. 1 in Silver Spring, MD


BETHESDA, MD, Nov. 25, 2016—Sepio Systems will present its innovative security solution at the Maryland/Israel Showcase at the Silver Spring Convention Center, on Dec. 1, 2016. The Maryland/Israel annual event connects local Maryland businesses with companies co-located in Israel and Maryland.

Sepio System’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Yossi Appleboum, will introduce the solution for securing organizations against malicious hardware devices sent through their supply chains. At the event, Sepio will unveil a combined hardware and software solution for securing critical infrastructure against threats arriving from peripheral devices. Sepio’s security solution isolates the attack—and provides nearly 100 percent assurance that threats will not breach security if the supply chain is compromised.

Appleboum notes,

"Sepio’s solution is offering a new level of security to organizations against threats coming from their device supply chains. While organizations around the world secure themselves against many other cyber threats from inside and outside their networks and applications, the supply chain door remains wide open—providing attackers the opportunity to penetrate their infrastructure. Sepio’s solution secures our customers against supply chain threats and provides full threat level visibility ofreceived device shipments."

To learn more about Sepio’s security solution, come meet the team.

About Sepio Systems

Sepio Systems was founded by cyber security experts from private industry and government agencies, with global recognition and decoration in combating supply chain threats. Sepio Systems is headquartered in Maryland with offices in New York, South Carolina and the Research and Development Center in Tel-Aviv. The mission of Sepio Systems is to protect organizations from the existing threat of supply chain attacks.

For more information about Sepio Systems solutions and supply chain attack risks, visit, call +1 (240) 660-8690 and follow us on LinkedIn .

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