Sepio Systems Implements Data Security Overhauls In Top Financial Institutions



Today Sepio Systems, a pioneer in securing organizations against cyber attacks via rogue hardware devices, announced partnerships with two major global banking institutions in the United Kingdom and South Africa to implement a comprehensive overhaul of their data security solutions.

Due to security protocols the two international financial institutions, requesting anonymity, will implement Sepio Systems' hardware security solutions across their IT infrastructures to identify and remove camouflaged nefarious technologies in their respective data systems.

"We are honored to be working with these major banks to help improve their data security," said Iftah Bratspiess, CEO of Sepio Systems. "By proactively addressing the potential damage that can come from these threats, both are staying ahead of bad actors before they can gain access to sensitive data."

The Sepio Systems' security site mitigates risk of cybersecurity events in large data systems by restricting the outward data flow of sensitive financial and personal data through rogue hardware deployed directly into the infrastructure. Implementing one-way data flow restricts access from rogue end-user devices such as a manipulated mouse or keyboard that attempts to covertly access and extract information. 

About Sepio Systems

Sepio Systems is a pioneer in securing organizations against attacks via rogue hardware devices. Strategic cyber weapon technology that has been leaked is currently in the hands of criminal organizations that are using it against civilian commercial targets with no defenses against it. These enterprises never suspect that the seemingly legitimate devices they are using have been compromised, allowing access to key assets—often over long periods of time. Sepio Systems is headquartered in Maryland, with offices in Michigan and South Carolina, and a Research and Development Center in Tel-Aviv.

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Media Contact:
Brian Kelley (for Sepio Systems)