Sepio Systems is Presenting at the ATM & Payments Security Conference on September 19, 2017 in London


NORTH BETHESDA, MARYLAND – September 8, 2017 – Sepio Systems, a leader and pioneer in securing organizations against attacks via rogue hardware devices, will be presenting at the 2017 ATM & Payments Security conference.

ATMIA, a global leader in supplying ATM security best practice since 2003, presents a must-attend annual industry security summit for the ATM and payments industries. The association’s 17th consecutive annual event will be covering comprehensive security aspects of ATMs and payments, from preventing physical and logical attacks, data compromises and card skimming to interworking with law enforcement in a range of countries.

In the WHEN YOUR “BACK DOOR” BECOMES THE HACKER’S FRONT DOOR presentation, Bentsi Ben Atar, the CMO and Co-Founder for Sepio Systems will give examples of recent cyber and logical attack methods that are based on hardware device manipulation.
The session will include briefs and demonstrations of actual attack scenarios and flows and will include best practice mitigation guide and related counter measures and products.

“As it is becoming more and more difficult for cyber criminals to get a foothold into the ATM data and control networks, their obvious next step is to implant manipulated and rouge hardware devices.”, said Mr. Ben Atar. “The existence and deployment of those easy to obtain tools, gives threat actors permanent out-of-band access both for infecting the network and devices as well as exfiltrating sensitive information in a completely invisible way.”

About Sepio Systems

Sepio Systems is a pioneer in securing organizations against attacks via rogue hardware devices. Strategic cyber weapon technology that has been leaked is currently in the hands of criminal organizations that are using it against civilian commercial targets with no defenses against it. These enterprises never suspect that the seemingly legitimate devices they are using have been compromised, allowing access to key assets—often over long periods of time. Sepio Systems is headquartered in Maryland, with offices in New York and South Carolina, and a Research and Development Center in Tel-Aviv.

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Media Contact:
Brian Kelley (for Sepio Systems)