Iftah Bratspiess
CEO, Sepio Systems LTD.

As CEO of Sepio Systems LTD., Iftah is responsible for the product, research and engineering activities.

Iftah brings more than 25 years of business and technology leadership as an engineer, software developer, product line owner, manager and strategist. Throughout his career, Iftah has successfully navigated multi-disciplinary challenges to reach individual goals and organizational objectives.

In the early 1990s, after completing his studies at Tel Aviv University, Iftah joined the technology unit of the Israeli Army Intelligence Corps (Unit 8200). In his position there recently, Iftah was responsible for the design, implementation and deployment of a unique large-scale centralized monitoring system.

During his service, Iftah earned his MBA at Tel Aviv University. He then co-founded WebSilicon, a company focused on the delivery of advanced networking and security systems. As CEO, Iftah led the company from the bootstrap phase to solid profitability. With hundreds of customers and thousands of installations, Iftah expanded the company’s domestic and international footprint.

In 2013, WebSilicon was acquired by Magal (NASDAQ: MAGS), one of the world’s largest physical security integration companies. Iftah led the acquisition process and continued in his role during the merger and rebranding process. Post-merger, Iftah was appointed VP of cyber security for Magal, leading business strategy and product development for the cyber market. He was responsible for identifying and engaging global partners to meet the growing need for effective cyber security solutions at critical sites.