The Problem


Very few organizations are aware of infected peripheral hardware devices as attack vehicles for penetrating their infrastructure and stealing sensitive information. Most believe they have done all they can to protect themselves with 100 percent visibility into their systems. And while securing software is a major part of an active defense, it’s not enough.

The use of malicious hardware devices by cyber crime organization is growing very fast. Threat actors are compromising these devices before they are delivered to customers, using insiders to bring them in, or tampering with them after installation and during upgrade processes. 

This means that any innocent-looking device such as a computer mouse or a charger could pose a significant threat.


Protecting Your Systems


Sepio’s security suite is the first solution on the market that identifies and blocks malicious hardware devices before they can cause any harm. The suite stops rogue hardware and device usage breaches before they damage normal operations or degrade system performance.



by comparing expected vs. actual behavior, based on the whitelist rules engine.


any illegal or badly behaving device or unusual activity across the organization.


to the existing SIEM/SOC and to the cloud service.


Sepio Events


Sepio Systems to Showcase Suite of Cyber Security Solutions that protects organizations from their infected supply chains