Bentsi Ben-Atar

As the chief marketing officer of Sepio, Bentsi is responsible for global marketing activities and business development in the Far East.

After graduating from Tel Aviv University with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Bentsi joined the technology unit of the Israeli Army Intelligence Corps (Unit 8200), where he was responsible for the development and deployment of critical communication and signals intelligence (SIGINT) systems. Bentsi was recognized by the unit for his exceptional work and was awarded several innovation awards for his leading role in the development and deployment of a classified system. During his service, he earned his MBA at Tel Aviv University.

In 1998, Bentsi co-founded WebSilicon, which specialized in delivering advanced networking and security systems. As VP of product development, Bentsi was responsible for the transition of the company from projects to products, product and platform definitions, and strategic development of future activities. In 2006, Bentsi became responsible for expanding into the government, intelligence and security markets, adapting existing technology for these markets. 

In 2013, WebSilicon was acquired by Magal (NASDAQ: MAGS), one of the world’s largest physical security integration companies. After the acquisition, Bentsi was appointed VP of signals intelligence (SIGINT) solutions and was responsible for the development of cellular security products for the company. In this role, Bentsi designed several unique products that protect critical sites from the expanding threat of broad cellular IMSI attacks and rogue BTS, as well as a revolutionary passive cellular detection system. Bentsi is recognized as an industry leader in the fields of rogue and covert wireless communication device detection, unique embedded systems implementation, and innovative interception solutions.